Fun, Challenge, Adventure – That's Brigade

Providing fun, challenge & adventure for all school-aged boys and girls, Brigade trains and empowers young people for effective leading & mission impact in their world today.

With an unashamedly Christian foundation, Brigade has a proven track record for reaching out and providing mentoring programs for boys and girls of all backgrounds, abilities & interests - broadening their horizons and skills with international recognition for their achievements.

Brigade is first and foremost a training ministry for boys and girls into how to think and live like Christ in their world - irregardless of their profession of faith. They become true Christians (Christ-like) when they bear the fruit of Christ (Matt 7:20).

Too much of contemporary youth ministry is about getting young people to make a profession of faith and to fit into ‘church-culture’ - and so like recent research shows, 80% of young people who make a profession of faith in their teens, give it up after high school (suggesting only shallow foundations).

Brigade is about establishing firm foundations (Matt 7:25), long-term, throughout a child's life (from 5-6 years old upwards). That is, we have up to 12 years to anchor their faith firmly. Brigade provides a consistent structured approach to developing them for the long term (hence the slogan on the bottom) - no other ministry consistently spans children & youth like Brigade does.

Brigade is all about “fun, challenge and adventure”; as well as highlighting our outreach potential to those who don’t identify as Christians, our focus on service to the community, leadership development and the Queen’s Badge. So ask ‘Why Brigade?’ - tell them: long-term training for long term results, & training boys and girls for leading and impacting their world.

When: Every Thursday during school terms - from 7pm

Where: In the Church auditorium and hall

Who To Contact: Derek Longley or Janelle Longley

Check out some of the stuff we got up too last year – Abseiling, Canoeing, Camping, Hiking, Night Games, just about everything you could think of that’s fun, challenging and adventurous.
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